Looking for a Dental Clinic that offers teeth whitening in Prospect CT? We have just the place. At Lasting Smiles, we understand how difficult it is to maintain a white smile. Our goal is to offer a solution that will help your smile last and give you more confidence in your teeth than ever before!

Our teeth go through a lot each day which is why dental hygiene in general is extremely important. What we forget to acknowledge, however, is that these simple day-to-day tasks can do long-term damage to the condition of the coloration of your smile.

Not only are our teeth affected, but our confidence as well. Noticing any sort of discoloration or fading when it comes to our teeth definitely begins to change our perceptions of them, causing us to smile less and less. Unfortunately, many people then tend to fully hide their smiles because of this, especially in public.

Here at Lasting Smiles, we want to eliminate any hesitations you have so you can smile with confidence and show off those pearly whites, which is why we offer our teeth whitening services!

Our whitening process is simple, consisting of two steps. We begin by taking an impression of your teeth which will allow us to create a custom whitening tray that fits your smile perfectly. The second step consists of applying a whitening gel onto the tray which then fits back into your mouth.

If you’re searching for teeth whitening in Prospect CT, we guarantee you’ve found what you’re looking for. Visit us at Lasting Smiles, located at 60 Waterbury Road E. Prospect, CT 06712, so you can smile with confidence.

To book an appointment at Lasting Smiles, or if you have any questions or concerns visit us online, or call (203) 527-3855.