Are you in search of dental care in the Prospect, Connecticut area? Do you want nothing but the best possible dental care that is available to you and your family? Are you looking for a Prospect dental clinic that treats you like family and provides a complete experience designed to make you feel at ease? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like Lasting Smiles of Prospect is the perfect dental clinic for you! 

At Lasting Smiles of Prospect we make great use of our cutting-edge facility to provide the best dental care possible to our patients. We are more than happy to do this because the well-being of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. We have a variety of technology pieces that can help provide you with the care you need and will be happy to provide any further information regarding these tools. We invite you to visit our website and read about each of the tools used during our treatments. Here you can find information regarding our sedation, panorex, intraoral camera, rotary endodontics, electric handpieces, and digital x-ray. Learning about these technologies is important, especially if you are going to be undergoing treatment that involves one of these tools. We believe this transparency with what tools we use and how to use them is what makes us the premier Prospect dental clinic. Our team will also be happy to discuss these technologies with you. 

In addition to the amazing, cutting-edge technologies we use here at Lasting Smiles of Prospect, we also are more than happy to have a wide variety of services that our team will be happy to further explain and decide if they are the right choice for you and your treatment. If you already know which treatment you are in need of then feel free to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, but if you do not yet know which treatment you are in need of then we recommend you visit our website and read about each treatment we offer our patients. Here you can find further information regarding dental implants, implants, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, and orthodontics. All information regarding these treatments, how they work, and which types of these treatments are available for you to read online and our team will also be happy to explain these to you when you are with us as well. 

For any and all of your dental needs, we hope you visit us at Lasting Smiles of Prospect. If you want the best treatment for you and your family, how could you not choose the best Prospect dental clinic available to you? If you are located in the Prospect area, schedule an appointment with us by calling (203) 527-3855 and visit us at 60 Waterbury Road E., Prospect, CT! Remember, proper oral care is extremely important to your well-being!

We hope to hear from you soon! Make sure you read up on each service we offer!