After Dental Implant Surgery

You should limit activity and rest for two to three days after dental implant surgery.  The healing process is assisted by rest and can reduce bleeding as well.  You should drink fluids to stay hydrated, but should avoid cold drinks.  You may want to apply an ice pack to your face in increments of 20 minutes for the next two days after surgery.  You should also abstain from blowing your nose for 2 weeks if you received upper implants.  Slight bleeding for a couple of days after surgery is completely normal.  There will be a level of discomfort the first couple of days after surgery but things should improve by the third day.  You may experience your body temperature rise between 1 and 2 degrees, though this is nothing to be concerned about.  Lastly, when you do begin to eat food, avoid chewing directly on the bone graft.

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