Oral Conscious Sedation

Should you have any anxious feelings or nervousness at the thought of going to the dentist for a procedure, rest assured that there are options to help ease those feelings.  Oral conscious sedation is as simple as taking a pill that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Oral conscious sedation isn’t like other types of anesthesia that will “knock you out”.  You will be awake the entire time during your treatment.  That being said, you’ll be in a state of complete relaxation.  There is also the chance that you won’t remember part of, or the entire procedure.

Oral conscious sedation is very safe and simple.  It also is more affordable than other forms of sedation.  You’ll also be able to speak and breath on your own during your treatment.  It can also give you the sense that a long procedure is actually quite short.  This will help with having all of the dentistry you need, completed in only one visit.  To make sure that there is absolutely no pain, a local anesthetic will be used on the area being worked on as a precautionary measure.  You will need someone to assist you with getting home from the office after an appointment using oral conscious sedation.

Stop putting off dental work and ask your dentist about whether or not oral conscious sedation is the right option for you.

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