Have you been putting off dental work for years?  What if you could get done everything you need in one or two visits?

What if you could get everything done, while you’re sleeping and be free of pain or fear?

Sleep Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry are a specialty of ours.  We offer different types of sedation dentistry for patients who have dental phobias or anxieties.  Some of the options include, gas, administering oral sedation, a pill or intravenous sedation to dose a combination of drugs.  These can be tailored uniquely to each patient.

Using these methods, the dentist and the patient can both feel appropriate giving and receiving pain free and stress free dental care.

What is Sleep Dentistry or Sedation Dentistry you ask?

Patients are given an oral medication an hour prior to their appointment.  This medication will put you in to a light state of sedation that will allow you to sleep through your dental procedure.  It’s completely safe!  When you wake up, your appointment is over and your procedure is finished.

You will need to have someone accompany you to your appointment because you won’t be able to drive.  When you arrive you’ll be escorted to a comfortable quite room where you can rest with a nice cozy blanket.  Throughout your procedure we will monitor you to ensure your safety.

Complicated dental procedures that would normally require six or more visits can all be done in one appointment, all while you rest peacefully.

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