As time passes, our teeth start to become weak and are often vulnerable.  Problems such as discoloration, decay and cracks may arise.  If your smile doesn’t have the same look and feel that it used to, crowns may help restore you to your old look.  When your dentist observes a tooth is decayed or is cracked and weakened, crowns may be needed to make sure the problem does not get worse.  When this is the case, bonding or filling will not be enough to solve the issue.

Crowns are made from gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.  For a more natural look, a porcelain finished crown is the best option.  It can even be matched to the shade of your existing teeth.  This will make it look as if the crown is part of your natural teeth.

Installing a crown can take between two and three visits.  On your initial visit, your tooth will be reshaped.  This is done by filing it down to the enamel, so the crown can be placed over the tooth.  A local anesthetic will be given prior to this happening.  After the tooth is filed down, a mold will be taken of that tooth and the ones around it as well.  The mold will be sent to a lab where they will create your crown.  Before you leave this visit, a temporary crown will be put in place.

Your crown will take approximately two to three weeks to be sent back to the dentist.  Once it arrives, you will have an appointment to place the permanent crown on to your tooth.  A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area, so you have as little discomfort as possible.  The crown will be placed on your tooth with cement.  Once you’re done, you will see that your old smile has returned.  Crowns are strong and reliable, typically lasting between ten and fifteen years with proper care. 

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