Periodontal Splinting

Having teeth that are loose can cause discomfort, particularly when trying to eat certain foods.  The pain that can come from a tooth separating from the gum can be quite painful.  You may have to wait quite a long time for the tooth to be loose enough to extract it, or for it to become stronger and not be an issue anymore.

A tooth becoming loose can be caused by several things including pressure caused by tooth misalignment, orthodontic treatment, loss of gum tissue or injury.  Periodontal splinting is a new technique in which weak teeth are attached to one another.  This turns them in to a single unit that is stronger and more stable than the single teeth on their own.  The procedure is usually done on front teeth.  It is a simple procedure where a composite material is used to attach, or splint, loose teeth to adjoining stable teeth.  Tooth splinting has become very popular because of its effectiveness.

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