Osseous Surgery

Soft tissue grafts are utilized when a significant amount of gum recession has occurred.  Slight gum recession can be combated by making some simple changes to your oral hygiene routine, so that your teeth and gums are taken care of properly. As the gingiva recedes more you become more at risk for infections and bacterial penetration.  Along with this comes increased sensitivity with hot and cold foods.  Should your gums recede enough to reveal the root, you could be setting yourself up for more serious issues.  Since the root is softer than the enamel, it is more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque.

Functionality can be restored using a soft tissue graft.  This is achieved by re-positioning gum tissue from neighboring teeth or using soft tissue form the roof of the mouth.  This procedure has high rates of success and is routine.  This can prevent the need for periodontal surgery and avoid more serious issues from occurring.

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