A frenulum is a piece of tissue that holds an organ in place.  A frenulum attaches your lips to your gums.  A  frenulum that is thicker than normal or shorter than normal could be the cause behind tooth misalignment or issues with speech patterns.  In an infant, a shortened frenulum under the tongue can hinder breastfeeding.  Should a frenulum disrupt movement, development or growth, immediate action must be taken.

A frenectomy is procedure that your dentist can perform with a scalpel or even a laser and can be quickly completed, sometimes in under fifteen minutes.  If a laser is used, there will be a small amount of bleeding and won’t require stitches.  Lasers also results in a lower amount of postoperative pain and a reduced amount of time needed for healing.  Children and infants are put under general anesthesia for a frenectomy where as adults are given a local anesthesia.  Should your child need a frenectomy, do not worry.  The procedure has a high success rate and results in low levels of discomfort.

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