Canine Exposure

Canine exposure is a procedure used to expose impacted teeth.  Impacted teeth are teeth that have yet to erupt in to the mouth because it is stuck in surrounding tissue or bone.  Any of your teeth may become impacted but typically the wisdom teeth are most likely to become impacted.  Canine teeth are essential for proper function.  Mouths would look unnatural without the canines.  It is a simple procedure that starts with the dentist making a small incision in the gum, which will then allow the tooth to erupt.  A dental brace can then be used to guide the tooth in to its natural position.

Teeth that have become impacted can be seen by the naked eye.  Those that cannot be normally seen require an X-ray to determine the extent of the impaction.  It is possible for a canine tooth to be impacted where a baby tooth is present.  Another sign of an impacted tooth is for a loose tooth to be present.

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