Night Guards

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, affects many people.  Some people grind their teeth throughout the day, however the main concern is people who grind their teeth while they are sleeping.  Grinding your teeth can cause a host of problems including jaw pain, irritated gums, damaged enamel, and worn down teeth.  There is also the concern that you would wake up a spouse should you be grinding your teeth loud enough.

The solution for those of us who grind our teeth is a night guard.  Similar to the mouth guard worn by athletes, night guards create a barrier between your upper and lower teeth as you sleep.  Every night guard is custom made and fitted to be comfortable and easy to breath while inserted.  An impression of your teeth will be created and sent to a lab to be made.  With proper care, a night guard should last up to ten years.

Other things can be done to combat teeth grinding as well.  It is possible to train your jaw to be easy and free instead of tight and clenched.  Choosing not to chew gum or other objects that don’t belong in your mouth will help, as will abstaining from drinking alcohol or drinks with caffeine.  These can increase the chances of you developing the habit of grinding your teeth.  If you believe to suffer from grinding your teeth, contact us today to set up a an appointment.

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