Extraction Site Preservation

Considering how to handle the empty space left by a tooth extraction is an important conversation to have.  Since wisdom teeth are located in the back of your mouth, there shouldn’t be any issues with it healing on its own.  Should there be a need to remove a different tooth, arrangement need to be made.  When an extraction site is not properly cared for after a tooth is removed, the jaw bone can degrade and change its form during the healing process.  This can in turn cause your teeth to move and shift.  This can cause your bite to be misaligned and change your ability to eat food or speak properly.

If you have a structurally sound jawbone, the space can be filled with a dental implant.  You can also choose to use a dental bridge if the bridge can be molded before your teeth have shifted.

You can always have an open and honest conversation with your dentist on how to handle this situation before having a tooth removed.  Your dentist will give you feedback, recommendations and give you a treatment plan based on your specific case.  Follow up appointments should be scheduled after your tooth removal to properly care for your extraction site.

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