Many individuals have general dental needs that can be addressed with the help of a Prospect dental clinic. These are typically simple procedures that can help to keep your teeth healthy. If you do not like the look of your teeth or cannot properly clean them, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry to address these issues.

When you visit a Prospect dental clinic for regular dental cleanings, you will most likely receive some form of x-ray or dental x-rays. These images will help your dental professional see how well you’re progressing with your oral care. X-rays can show you how healthy your teeth are, and they can also show you where some tooth decay is developing.

Tooth fillings come in a variety of different colors and sizes. Depending on the filling you receive, you can restore missing teeth to their former appearance. While tooth fillings are commonly used for serious dental problems, they are also used for general dental procedures as well. Learn more about the benefits of getting your fillings from an oral health provider.

General dentistry provides much more than just teeth cleanings and cavity fillings. Many people are surprised by how much damage can be caused by improper dental care. Crowns and other dental care products are designed to correct decayed or broken teeth. Properly applied, they help to keep your teeth clean and free of disease.

Dental implants can help you overcome gaps in your smile, give you added confidence, and improve your overall oral health. Dentists can fit these implants with a crown, which fits over the implant and protects it from potential infections. There are a variety of different options for your dental needs.

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