While searching for a kids dentist in Prospect CT, it is important that you understand all that is offered to you and your children. At Lasting Smiles of Prospect, we offer a multitude of services that can be found beneficial to just about any situation going on in your smile. One of our favorite services and one of the most common among dentists is the biannual cleanings. Biannual cleanings are perfect for children as they are the simplest way in preventing cavities. With everyday brushing, tar can still build up along the teeth especially while children continue to grow. 

Biannual Teeth Cleaning at a Kids Dentist in Prospect

Their teeth are growing in and need proper examination and cleaning in order to maintain the pearly white color the teeth come in as. Our dentists start each appointment by examining the smile and then gauging on what needs to be done. They will then begin cleaning by scraping and washing away any tar buildup on the teeth. From there, they will continue to check for signs of cavities. Cavities have become a very common thing amongst young children as their eating habits have shifted over the years. More children are exposed to even more acidic foods than years before. 

With this in mind, they have also become even more prone to cavities while visiting the dentist. Once this check is done, we conduct another while looking at the alignment of your teeth. At this moment, we are looking at if you have any gaps or if your teeth have shifted since the last visit. After this, we will add a gloss to your children’s smile that acts as another protectant for their teeth. Our biannual cleanings are very common among kids dentists in Prospect and around the world. 

As a matter of fact, it is a must have when looking to open your own dentist office. Without biannual cleanings, everyone’s teeth will turn yellow from a very young age. With more people experiencing tooth decay and discoloration, we would see more cavities and teeth whitening services as well. These biannual cleanings help limit any children from developing any cavities in their near future as they continue to develop. 

Find yourself searching for a kids dentist in Prospect CT? Hopefully it is now clear that at Lasting Smiles, we offer just about any service your kids will need throughout their childhood. We offer teeth whitening, dental emergency fixes, braces and even tooth repair and restoration. With the help of our team, your smile is able to transform into a brand new one, or maintain good health through our biannual cleaning services. Need more information on how you can get your kids into the right dentist? Visit our website here to learn more about all that we could offer your children. We pride ourselves in being dental experts and with that, we will understand just about any situation that comes into our office. We look forward to speaking with you and servicing your children and their smiles very soon!