When you have a serious dental problem, it’s important to have an emergency dentist in Prospect CT at the ready. Being prepared for an emergency is always better than scrambling at the last minute when you’re in deep pain. For all your dental emergencies, Lasting Smiles of Prospect has you covered.

First, we should diagnose what a dental emergency is. Dental emergencies partially depend on your threshold of pain. A painful toothache could qualify as a dental emergency under the right circumstances. However, we typically see emergencies as cracked or missing teeth.

In the case of a missing tooth, there’s a few things you can do before coming to an emergency dentist in Prospect CT. First, if you still have the knocked-out tooth, you can preserve it in a glass of milk or water. Preserving the tooth can potentially save you from buying an implant, as our dentist may be able to put it back in place.

While you may not need emergency dental care for a chipped tooth, you should visit a dentist at your earliest convenience to discuss the injury. Even if you’re not in any pain at the moment of injury, it could develop later on. With a chipped tooth, nerve endings can be exposed, causing intense pain while chewing. Getting on top of this injury fast can prevent further problems.

Restorative care may be your best option if you can’t find an emergency dentist in a fast manner. Dental veneers are perfect for covering up cracks and chips in your teeth. These porcelain sheaths are custom made, and go right over your original teeth, which cover up any visible damage.

Missing teeth can call for dental implants to fill that gap. These custom made replacements are designed to appear natural and will fit perfectly next to your original teeth. For more information on this procedure, visit our services page.

Maintaining your dental health can help prevent some mild dental emergencies from occurring. Stronger teeth can withstand more force, and proper dental hygiene could save you a trip to the dentist for multiple reasons. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day is a great place to start when it comes to your dental health.

It’s important for your go-to emergency dentist to be available 24/7, as these dental emergencies are never planned. If we’re not your first choice, we highly recommend speaking to your regular dentist at your next visit and asking about their dental emergency procedures.

Our emergency dentist in Prospect CT is perfectly trained to help you with any sudden incident. From cracked to missing teeth, we’ve got you covered. For more information about all our services and hours of operation, visit the rest of our website, or call us today at 203-527-3855. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.