Everybody wishes they could have that brilliant, white smile but for most people regular brushing and flossing just doesn’t get the job done. To really get that shimmer and shine you need an expertly crafted teeth whitening routine. Are you currently thinking of undergoing teeth whitening in Prospect CT or getting another form of cosmetic dentistry done, then stick with us as we cover your best options for a beautiful and lasting smile.

Always consult your dentist before starting any whitening or cosmetic routine

What Makes Our Teeth Lose That White Sheen?

The causes of discolored teeth are numerous but the most common offenders can be boiled down to;

Eating and Drinking

Drinks like red wine and coffee can stain the enamel (outer portion of the tooth) while eating causes plaque build up on your teeth which is usually treatable by brushing and flossing.

Use of Tobacco Products

Nicotine and tar found in tobacco cause yellow and in worse cases even black stains on enamel which can be nearly impossible to remove without professional treatment.


As we age our enamel layer slowly degrades and thins out revealing a lower layer of the tooth called dentin which is yellow in color.

What Are My Options for Teeth Whitening?

There are many options out there in the wild for whitening, from DIY to professional in-office bleaching. Some common at home options include whitening toothpastes, strips, and rinses but the potency of their results can vary and usually pale in comparison to the professional options.

In-office procedures offer the safety and skill of an experienced dentist and have significantly greater and immediate results after each treatment which can make it potentially the best teeth whitening option for you.
Here at Lasting Smiles of Prospect we use a traditional tray whitening system for your comfort and safety while also maximizing your results.

Want A More Confident Smile?

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